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Latest Hairstyles Trends

The versatility of long wavy hairstyles cannot be questioned. It can be glamorous, sophisticated, flattering and fun. It looks great in a work setting or formal affairs such as proms and weddings and a great hairstyle to rock for clubbing and bar hopping. The different styles available to long wavy hair are easy to achieve and becoming to most women. Even women not endowed with natural curls can choose to wear long wavy hair with the use of products and hair treatment that promote wavy hair. Long hairstyles for 2012 will be the variations of long wavy hairstyles worn by the most beautiful and celebrated women of times past, but given a new twist. Check some great wavy hairstyles for long hair.

Long Wavy Hairstyle for 2012

Long Wavy Hairstyle for 2012

Long Wavy Hairstyle for 2012

Romantic hairstyles are best done with long hair. If you have long hair and are looking for a romantic hairstyle to impress a date or a special someone, then you’re in luck, you’ve got what it takes! With long hair, you have plenty of options for creating romantic hairstyles.

Long hair with bangs
Bella Thorne’s red, long, hair styled with full bangs is a very romantic hairstyle for long hair. Other long hair with waves that looks stunningly romantic is Elizabeth Olsen’s dirty blond hair with a side part and cascading waves that adds soft volume and Whitney Port’s long strawberry blond hair with waves and a center part.

Updo with wispy pieces framing the face
Victoria Justice’s elegant updo with wispy pieces framing her face is one super romantic hairstyle for long hair that will make you look like a heroine of a romance novel. Another romantic hairstyle is Ashley Tisdale’s Disney Princess – like updo with a side part and wispy pieces falling down the sides.

Half up/half down
A half up/half down do is sweet and sexy and super romantic just like Jessica Alba’s honey colored hair with an uneven center part and hair pulled back in half up/half down do.

Chic side bun, low side ponytail
Ashley Greene’s chestnut brown hair styled into a chic side bun is one fabulously romantic hairstyle while Carrie Underwood looks elegant in her platinum curly blond hair pulled to the side in a charming low ponytail. Malin Akerman is ultra glamorous with her blond curls swept over one shoulder for another romantic hairstyle for long hair.

Loosely pulled back waves
Lucy Hale’s sophisticated partially pulled back messy long hairstyle with sexy long side bangs is one romantic hairstyle for long hair. So is Jennifer Garner’s remarkable brown waves loosely pulled back with a center part.

Women of all ages consider long hair as a most feminine and versatile hairstyle. Over time, very talented hairstylists developed a multitude of hairstyles for long hair that give women a wide variety of fabulous hairstyles to choose from. Here are some of the popular styles for long hair and choose the style or styles that appeal to you, fit an occasion you are attending and appropriate for your particular lifestyle:

Bump hairstyle for 2012

Bump hairstyles are one of the most popular hairstyles for long hair. The bump can be worn with a ponytail or a half-up/half-down do. It is a hairstyle that is meant to give volume to the hair and is created by teasing the hair or by using a “bump it”. The secret to bump hairstyle is to keep the sides sleek and tight to offer contrast to the height created at the top.

Ponytail hairstyle for 2012

The ponytail is on of the most popular hairstyle for long hair because of it is very easy to create and very low-maintenance. It is also one hairstyle that has plenty of styling potentials. You can have a side, high or low ponytail; sleek ponytail or messy ponytail on a straight or curly hair depending on what works best for you.

Braided hairstyles for 2012

Another very popular hairstyle for long hair is a braided hairstyle. There are different braiding techniques that provide a diversity of looks and vibes, fishtail, French, English, Swiss, Dutch, herringbone, lace or cornrow braids and more. Some are very simple while some are complicated but all are eye-catching and very flattering. .

Half-up/half-down hairstyle for 2012

A half-up/half-down hairstyle is another popular hairstyle for long hair that is also a fantastic hairstyle for formal occasions that are super glamorous and very easy to create. It is best worn as a tousled or messy for a sexy look in 2012. Photos Copyright of PR PHOTOs

Because of its glamorous and stylish look, long curly hairstyles will be some of the hottest hairstyles for 2012. There are so many diverse looks that women can get from long curly hairstyles; sophisticated, glamorous, sexy, young, innocent. Even women who are not endowed with natural long curly hair spend money, time and effort to get long curly hair either with a perm, with the use of curling irons, flat irons, hot rollers or curlers and setting products.
Long curly hairstyles for 2012 will be made more attractive, glamorous and stylish especially when cut with layers that add volume and definition to the hair. Layers prevent curly hairs from being flat and boring. There are also many different types of curls for 2012. Women now have a choice of a type of curl that would flatter their facial shape and features best. More often, women with straight hair opt for loose curly hairstyles while those with naturally curly hair choose styles that give more distinctness and delineation to their curls.

Loose curls offer a more glamorous look and are easy to style particularly on long hair. Loose curls on long hair add tons of sex appeal and a perfect hairstyle for both formal and casual occasion, making it one of the hottest hairstyle choices of most women especially by celebrities who are considered hair and fashion icons in their own right. Long loose curly hairstyle with a center part is fabulous looking and looks great for many facial structures.
There are many styling products and tools that can be used to achieve a great looking loose curly hairstyle. Curling irons or small hair rollers help form natural looking tight curls on women with straight hair while curl enhancers help women with naturally curly hair to get the look that they want to achieve. It is only a matter of knowing how to use these styling products and tools to successfully create a fabulous long curly hairstyle of your choice. Photo Copyright of PR PHOTOS

Glossy smooth long tresses are very flattering for most women and, at times, even on some men. The main reason for its continuing popularity is its versatility. There are so many ways to style long flowing hair for a variety of different looks to suit a mood or an occasion. In some cultures, long hair is preferred, even required of women in their society and even in the past, long hair on women is the epitome of femininity and elegance.

Long hairstyle is ever popular for women of most facial shape, but it is best worn by women with oval faces. Long hair is also what a round-face woman need to elongate an otherwise rounded face, making it appear more oval than round. Women with square and heart-shape faces will also never go wrong to choose long hair. It can be styled to camouflage a strong jaw or when worn with bangs, could hide a wide forehead.

In the past, when there are no hair salons and barber shops available to support long hair, men and women wore their hair long. For men, even facial hairs were, by necessity, worn long. Alexander III of Macedon, commonly called Alexander the Great who lived and ruled Macedon in the middle of the 300BC was considered a great and undefeated warrior. He had his men shave their beards and cut their hair so that enemies won’t have anything to hold on. Women, on the other hand, started cutting their hair and wearing them short only in the 20s, during the “flapper era” as a sign of rebellion to the restrictions of society.

Up to the present, .long hairstyle is ever popular with women who desire to look sexy and alluring. It is also used as a means to channel their bohemian nature and spirit. Some men, on the other hand, sport long hair as a sign of non-conformity and rebellion. Photos Copyright of PR PHOTOS

Long hair never really goes out of fashion and of late, there is a strong fixation for long hair both on the runways and with Hollywood celebrities. This could be because silky long hair is super sexy and feminine and very flattering to most facial shape. Here are some of the sexiest long hair styles for 2012:

Loose curls or super sleek long hair with bangs
Soft loose curls and super sleek straight hair will be very hot hairstyle trend this 2012. Both long hairstyles are imbued with super sexiness when paired with fringes or bangs. The bangs could be straight, full and heavy falling just above the eyes like the bangs of Sandra Bullock with her long straight hair cut with sharp edges at the bottom. Another take too long hair with bangs is the style worn by Reese Witherspoon with her long soft curls; wispy, long and sassy.

Layered with highlights
Minka Kelly, “the sexiest woman alive” of Esquire and the hot girl-next-door in “Friday Night Lights” sports one of the sexiest long hairstyle for 2012. She wears her hair long, wavy and lush with plenty of layers and a windswept finish. What added pizzazz to her hairstyle are very interesting gold highlights on her gorgeous brunette mane.

Loose and tousled
Loose and tousled or messy super long hair is another sexy long hairstyle for 2012. Take a cue from the likes of Hilary Duff, Ashlee Green, Rosie Huntington Whiteley and Rachel McAdams, shake your locks to add to its volume and give your super long locks a flirty tousled look. The soft waves of a loose and messy long hairstyle soften the face and define the cheekbones, and jaw line, perfect sexy hairstyle for these super lovely women.

The beauty of all these sexy long hairstyles for 2012 is its versatility. They can all be worn down or in a half or full updos; ponytails, braided, buns or chignons. Photos Copyright of PR PHOTOS

Super long natural hair, straight or curly will be 2012’s hottest hairstyle. Very long healthy, flowing hair is super gorgeous, flirty and ultra feminine especially when kept gleaming and immaculate. The super long hair for fall and winter 2012 is sleek and straight, curly or wavy, parted at the center or with a deeps side part, without bangs or with bangs- blunt bangs, side-swept bangs, long-frontal bangs, wispy bangs, all type of bangs.

Long sleek hair with blunt bangs
Long sleek straight hairstyle with blunt bangs is a sure traffic- stopper. Let your hair speak for you and create that impressive first impression with the rich texture and mesmerizing shine of your hair. The blunt bangs provide an edgy contrast to the very feminine long sleek straight hair. Create this attention-grabber of a hairstyle by using a flat iron on the hair even if it is naturally straight or to straighten a curly and wavy hair for that super sleek look.

Long hair with highlights
Another way to rock super long hair for 2012 is to provide it with highlights to bring out the best of the length. Long hair with highlights displays lovely color contrasts. If you have natural brown hair, keep the under – layers and the crown in your natural brown shade and provide the lengths with warm golden brunette highlights. Long sleek hair shows highlights to great advantage like no other hairstyle.

Long sleek hair with side-swept bangs
Channel the romantic in you by rocking long hair with side- swept bangs. This is another super sexy super long hairstyle for fall and winter 2012. Bangs look great on almost any facial type. Side-swept bangs on long sleek hair lengthen a round- shaped face and woks wonderfully with long straight sleek hair or long wavy hair.

The advantage of super long hair for upcoming 2012 is its great versatility. Well-conditioned, super long hair can make any woman look attractive and fantastic and can be incorporated with layers to encourage body and bounce. And to ensure that your looks don’t get boring, you can style it with curls and waves for a glam-chic look. Photos Copyright of PR PHOTOS

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